Sunday, April 4, 2010

Just some blabbbliinggg & some love

First off,
i am still having upload issues w/yt.
Very frustrating,
so my bf has to do all my uploading.
So anything i record is not up right away.
& i do like multiple because i dont go there everyday.
But i'm getting thru it!
i've started outfits of the day.
I'll be doing like 5 tomorrow again.
& I have 2 on backup...
ready to go up...

So i've been pretty busy!
But just wanted to make a quick mention of an amazing friend
I have made on youtube
thru this experience!
Her name is HelloMarmy,
& she is officially my Youtube Bestyyy.
Everyone should go check her out...

She's amazing,
so funny & easy to talk to.
Its been a real blessing 2 have her.
When im going thru some rough stuff!
lots of love to her!

sooo please send me requests because i need 2 stay busy!



  1. Awww Abby! Thank you so much! The feelings are 100% mutual! <33

  2. yay someone actually interacting with my blog!!! xxoo

  3. super cute blog you've got here! i was wondering if you'd like to follow me? i followed you. :) take care!