Thursday, April 1, 2010

Things in my future

So i've been getting some requests for videos to do for my channel!
& i finally got a REAL video up...
so exciting...
& nerve racking.
But in no particular order,
here are the list of videos that will be coming up.

*My st.patties day contest entry
*fav websites [requested by hellomarmy]
*share the love video
*Ohio state makeup tutorial
*day 2 night look [requested by budgetbeautiful]
*clubbing look [requested by budgetbeautiful]
*Vibrant pink & purple look [requested by hellomarmy]

soooo thats the new things coming up.
If you watch my videos, and want me to
do any certain vids, LEMME KNOW!

taking any requests!
I will be doing some more reviews this weekend as well!

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