Thursday, February 25, 2010

First off would like to mention,
xshellsxfabxfinds in this blog.After watching her video's i was not hesitant to shop at
the dollar stores for makeup.Here is a nice haul video from her about dollar store things...
Finally some of my very own pictures, this is a collective Dollar Store haul.
Over a couple visits, but still the same found some AMAZING goodies.

first off are these covergirl eyeshadows.
got them in a two pack.
One's in subtle sage, the other is opal dust.
totally disappointed.
Was going to use as highlight, but they are bad.
i couldn't even get a decent swatch.
glad it was only $1

next is this LA Color Eyeshadow.
This is in Hipnotic.
totally loving this one!
has a highlight and some wonderful blue colors.
heres the swatches.
Only $1

next are these maybelline Dream Mousse's.
One Bronzer,
one shadow i will be using as a base.
The bronzer is in sun glow,
& the shadow is in lilac cloud!
Very good products,
blend out smooth and nice color.

Next is this LA Colors Mineral

in Gold.
Very good color, highly pigmented.
I think this will be my go to gold shadow.

I got two LA Colors Shadow palettes.
One in Urban [1st shown]
& Trendy [2nd shown]
They have really good pigmentation for being $1.
I really love the color combos!
You can get many looks from these palettes.
I highly urge you all to check them out.

Will swatch any if you request them!!!
Hope you loved my photos ladies.
I finally got my mic,
so videos are on the horizon!!!!

Will be doing an elf haul/swatches/review for the first video!
Got my package today,
so look out for that!
Here's a sneak peak!

AbbyMarieLove <3>

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