Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My most FAVORITE Gurus.

I really enjoy getting my daily fix of my favorite gurus,
whether it be youtube,
or blogs.
I have learned so much from each of my favorites.
I thought i would share them with you.
If you already haven't checked them out,
& subscribed,
I would definitely do so.
I really like the women that i can relate to.
The ones that find those bargains,
& may not be able to buy the mac products all the time.
But i also love those women that show me the amazing
mac products and the higher end of the spectrum.
Makes me strive for something.

so here the list goes.
its really hard to put in an order,
but here is my best attempt!
Hope you enjoyyy...

1.) Shellsxfabxfinds

the reasons i made her number one is because
she is so easy to relate to.
I love her insights on the gorgeous makeup on a budget.
She's down to earth, & a gorgeous guru.
She does a FABULOUS job at what she does.
SO GO, SUBSCRIBE... you won't regret it.

2.) DulceCandy87

She was a VERY close second.
First guru blog that i saw, & instantly subscribed to.
She is very knowledgeable,
& knows a thing or two about fashion, makeup & hair.
She has an amazing makeup & clothes collection.
I look for new material everyday, & read her blog ritually.
She's very good at doing this as well.
She gives you everything you need to know.
as well don't forget to check out her blog.

3.) KSrags2riches

This girl does an amazing job at reviews, hauls, and tutorials.
She is young, but you couldn't tell, because she does it like a pro.
She's a girl you can relate to.
She makes beauty within reach.
Does very gorgeous makeup tutorials.
Go check her out!!!

4.) budgetbeautiful

fairly new to the youtube guru scene,
but she is awesome!
She lets you know of weekly sales and ways to save.
Love that she looks at ways to achieve great looks &
makeup collections on a budget.
I hope she does well, because she's great!
Go scope out her weekly deal video!!!

5.) MakeupByLeinaBaaaby

She's a fairly new addition to my subscriptions!
So glad i stumbled across her channel!
She does some unique looks.
She uses lots of colors in her designs.
She also recreates many popular video/pop culture looks you may have been loving.
She does a great job explaining and helping you achieve those looks.
she's def worth scoping.
also check out her blog!


6.) MakeupGeek

Makeup geek, or Marlena is a AMAZING guru.
Very good at explaining and reviewing products.
She's done everything imaginable.
& she does a great job at it.
She also has a VERY good website.
Does tutorials,
reviews, even has a shop.
So be sure to take a look at the makeupgeek.
or should i say makeup chic. =]

Well gorgeous people of the world.
Hope you enjoyed my top 6!!!!
Check each and everyone of them out!!!
& make sure you subscribe.
will soon have some of my own collection up..
I'm trying to photograph for the time being as
i wait for a video camera... [or a larger memory card... hahaha]
So thanks for being patient,
& be on the lookout.

Keep it gorgeous!!!

p.s. i would love to hear about who YOUR favorite gurus aree. <3


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