Sunday, February 28, 2010

Feb Favs

February Favsss

1.) Studio Tools Stippling Face brush
Available at Target.
I don't know if it's discontinued because i got it
for $4.88.
Its amazing. Gives me that light affect when applying foundation.

2.) Sephora Antibacterial Brush Set
Available at Sephora stores,
These are soooo amazingly soft.
They work great.

3.) Maybelline Dream Matte Powder
In Ivory Light
$3 [ish or so]
got from big lots.
Don't know if they still sell in stores,
but this gives me an amazing finish.
So lightweight.

4.) Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion
Available at most drug stores or chain stores.
I only paid 97 cents because i bought travel size.
Wanted to try.
I put this on before makeup and it gives wonderful base.

5.) Elf Mineral Primer
in Sheer
Available at
Only $3
Gives an amazing base,
And fights that horrible crease.
DEFINITELY a go 2 product for me.

6.) Lancome Shimmer Eyeshadow
in Kitten heal.
Available at Macy's stores,
Its an amazing peachy/gold shadow.
Has such an irridesense.
SOOO beautiful!
Highly pigmented.

7.) La Colors 6 color eyeshadow
in Hipnotic.
available at
I found this at the Dollar Tree though.
obviously $1 there.
This is such cute colors.
Previous blog has swatches and photo.

8.) Jordana Glitter Rocks Retractable eyeliner
in Rock on Silver.
Available at Walgreens Stores,
Nice & smooth.
Very pretty,
slight glitter,
it just lightens your eyes up.

9.) Elf Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara
in dark brown.
Available at
Love this on my eyes.
It gives the perfect length and volume.
Better than any i've tried.
Doesn't clump.

10.) Elf Natural Radiance Blush
in glow.
available at
This blush is so highly pigmented.
I love this shade.
Its so warm,
such a lovely coral color.

11.) NYC Liquid Lip Shine
in 538 [sorry forgot name].
Available at most drug stores.
This is so smooth,
& so cute.
Nice pink and gold combo!

12.) NYC Ultra Last Lip Wear
in Rose Gold
99 cents or $1.99
Available at most drug stores or chain stores.
Beautiful gold shade,
making your lips rosy as well.
Not too dominating.
I love this.

13.) Calgon Body Lotion
in Marshmallow.
Found this at Big Lots,
Haven't seen it in other stores.
Should have bought more.
It smells amazing.
Just a sweet, sort of warm, vanilla
smelling lotion.
Nice thickness.
Used it everyday since i got it.

I hoped you enjoyed as February came to a close.
I'm working hard to try 2 find a way 2 make videos!
I'll keep you posted.
Been sick lately.

Enjoy all you beautiful ladies!!!!


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