Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sales for this week...

So i believe most everyone,
has searched the lovely Sunday ads for deals.
Well this amazing guru on YouTube,
BudgetBeautiful [visit & subscribe]
does a weekly feature on all
the good makeup sales she's found.
Here is her latest installment.
She also has many other videos worth checking out!

Well, few things 2 update all of you on.
I bought Revlon Colorstay for the first time
I will do a review after i've used it for a week or so..
So be on the lookout for that.
As well I bought a Loreal cream [primer]
was a good price.
i tried it on my hand, & it was heavenly.
So i'll keep using and reviewing it.
I will do a video in a few days about my elf products i got.
Lots of good things coming up in the near future.
Stay beautiful ladies.


p.s. i purchased the 120 color shadow palette
off of ebay on my birthday.
Its been about 15 days so hoping it comes soon!
They say it takes from 8-30 days...
For anyone that doesn't know about that palette.
Look it up on youtube.
120 color shadow palette.

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