Sunday, March 7, 2010

Busy Busyy

So even though i've been so busy,
I have managed to get 2 new tutorial videos up.
One being my inexpensive foundation routine,
the other my white queen inspired face.
I've only been able to do picture tutorials
because for some reason youtube will not let me
upload any video ones...
So until i get this figured out,
thats all i got.
I'm working on getting a VERY small haul done tonight.
Of what i got today,
major clearance prices.
Don't we all love that.
I still promise to do a blog about my 120 palette,
& my top ten favorite shades in it.
Its just been NUTS!
i'll post the youtube link again!
I really need to get more subscribers...
im only at 4 its sad...

well hope you all had a fantastic weekend..
more beauty to come tomorrow.

AbbyMarieLove <3

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