Friday, March 5, 2010

Short but sweeett

Sorry i didn't post yesterday.
Its been a crazy week.
To say the least.
First, i was in the ER Sunday.
Then drama w/my little one.
Then my car got hit...
[whomp whomp, terrrible]
Then had to take my mom to the hospital
this morning.
& she may need surgery.
Its been nuts.
But on the plus, I got my 120 Palette
that i ordered off Ebay on Thursday,
along with my ELF order.
sooo hope to work out the kinks and get a haul video going here.
But last haul i tried to upload it said ERROR!
So i did post a tutorial video today,
its all photos,
but its a start!
I want everyone to visit my YouTube & Subscribe.
I'll love you.
But anywho.
Pictures up tomorrow of the palette & my top color favs!

Nite Ladies.



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i appreciate any support right now just starting!!!!

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