Sunday, March 14, 2010

120 Palette Favorites

So finally getting my pictures up of the 120 palette i bought from ebay.
Mostly have good things to say about this.
I love allll the colors they are very smooth,
such good pigmentation...
But the negative about this is that its not by BH cosmetics
or coastal scents so its a little different.
The matte shades are less smooth...
& i really wish the case was made a little different.
But all in all i love it.
Such a great buy.

Here it is....
side one...
Starts at whites, goes to greys and blacks,
then green to blues.
Followed by purple shades.
Then pinks, to reds, to creams and browns...

Second side.
This has a row of marbled shades on the right hand side.
Starting from top goes from blues,
to purples,
then to greens and light greens
then yellows and oranges.

Here are the best swatches i could manage,
six of my favorite shades.
they have no names...

starting at the top,
a dark brown with gold flecks, semi shimmer.
A coppery reddish brown, high shimmer.
Into a bright coral, semi shimmer
a golden yellow, matte.
An irridescent fuschia shade with purplish tints.
Finally a very shimmery dark gray.
I had 12 all together,
but the other picture got deleted.
Sorry this took so long,
if you'd like more swatches let me know.

I will be doing another blog later tonight featuring some of my new videos...
& the sunday sale alert from the LOVELY budgetbeautiful!
go visit her pages..
budgetbeautiful on youtube,

stay beautiful everyone!
enjoy your weeks!

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