Friday, March 26, 2010


Sooo in the matter of like this week,
I'm up to 46 Subscribers on youtube!
Cannot believe it!
I am soooo thankful!
Its amazing to think!
That little old me,
only doing slideshow things,
got almost 50 subbies!
I hope to get to that 100 mark,
then i'll have a small contest!
I'm sorry i've been neglecting blogging.
The week goes by so quickly.
I have 3 new videos that i'm going to be working on..
1.) St. Patties Day Makeup Contest entry
2.) New Tutorial
3.) Sort of intro about myself.

Plus I've been contemplating
a series of videos!
A series focusing on eye makeup looks,
inspired by what we drink everyday.
Have about 13 ideas jotted down,
but no plan yet!
i need more feedback of what people want to see me do.
I might be doing another haul here in a few days of some odds and ends.
Who knows.
Plus its almost that time again,
another installment of my monthly favorites...
So i thank everyone who reads along,
stay tuned.

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