Monday, February 22, 2010

Just the Beginning...

I would like to first introduce myself.
My Name is Abby.
I'm 23 years old,
have a wonderful 3 year old daughter named Mackenzie [Kenzie for short],
an AMAZING SUPPORTIVE boyfriend Brian.
I am about family first.
I am currently a stay at home mom,
I've been going through some rough times.
I always think to myself,
"& this too shall pass"
I believe that fully each and everyday.
My main reason for starting this blog is to share my passion & love of makeup.
Fashion as well, but mostly a starting makeup love.
I am very inspired by the 'YouTube Divas & Gurus'.
Those women are the ones that have driven the passion,
& helped me learn.
Gave so much information & insight.
I would really enjoy to have a following.
It may take lots of time & lots of work,
but I'm ready & willing.
I will share with you my starting collection.
The tools i love, the products i love to use,
& tutorials and looks as well!
I am not a wealthy person.
So i am doing makeup on a budget.
Striving to find the best products for the BEST prices.
So if you are like me... drooling over the thought of a 'mac' purchase,
then please stick with me...
I am going through a learning time.
New things to discover.
I'm working on getting some videos going soon & adding them to YouTube...
but i will just start with some photos.
Maybe some slide shows on youtube,
but i will show you some hauls here soon once i finish piecing the photos together.
its a long process when i can't do videos right now.
Thank you for checking me out,
and i will post SOMETHING everyday,
whether its a video i LOVE, a look i LOVE, a product i LOVE....
you will always have something to check on with me!!!!
So Please enjoy aFEWofMYfavoriteTHINGS!!!!


much love 2 all


P.S. add my youtube account, no makeup videos yet but be on the lookout!!!! -

as well, i will be soon getting a special myspace/facebook/twitter for my makeup, so i'll let you know when there up and running!!!

P.S.S. I will respond to any comments or messages, so message/comment away!!! <3

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